9 Ideas For Your Outdoor Wedding

Let’s celebrate outside! We love the outdoors and hosting outdoor events. The sky will be beautiful shades of blue, with just one or two, fluffy clouds floating across the sky. There are so many things a bride, her groom and the families of both have to worry about.  Planning any wedding requires preparation. When you have an outdoor wedding here are 9 ways to keep your event as pleasant as pie.

1. Make Guests Comfortable

Taking care of your guest is job one. Think about the older members of your family and how you will need to take special care of their needs, especially if the wedding is planned during the summer months. Your guest will appreciate your forethought when it comes to having items such as fans, do you have portable air-conditioning or outdoor heating units. Of course, we know your wedding will start on time (LOL!) having refreshing beverages on hand will cool the guest anxiety as they wait for the big event. Preparation is key, put a preparation day on your calendar to ensure the comfort of your guest for your outdoor wedding.

Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.
— Confucius

2 In line with caring for the needs of your guest for your outdoor wedding,

we suggest using pole tents

(the ones that make you think of circus tents). Consider securing pole tents because they look great from the exterior and interior. You both know yououtdoor_weddings_photo want a lot of memorable photos of this event. Having pole tents adds to the majesty of any outdoor wedding. Of course, other tent styles can be considered based on your budget.

3. Prepare for Weather

We organize several outdoor events throughout the year. We have been fortunate in not having rain-outs. However, it can happen. You can plan the venue, food and music for your event months in advance. But, weather… hmmm, we can’t help you there. We suggest planning for what could happen. Ensure your wedding party has weather appropriate gear. You can have scarfs, cooling bandanas, umbrellas, etc, and then have a designated person bring them to your outdoor wedding event.


Does, “Bring-Your-Own-Bottle” fall under caring for your guest? We’ll let you make the final decision. When you are planning your outdoor wedding, look for a venue that allows you to supply your own alcohol. For some areas, the ordinances will probably mandate the facility supplies a bartender to serve the alcohol you provide. Since the markup on alcohol is fairly steep, using a venue that lets you BYOB can help you lower expenses.

5. Have lots of ice water

Why, because dehydration does not make for happy guests. Remember, we know you are planning on starting on time (ROFL). But, just in case you are delayed, designate a person or two to bring cool water to your guest while they await the start of your wedding. Everyone will be happy. You can just have water bottles or dress it up with glasses and dinner mints.

6. Have Necessities on hand

Preparation [the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration] — Preparation always lowers the occurrence of screw-ups. If something does happen, guess what you are prepared. Your wedding coordinator can help you too. Now here is a list of a few things you can have on hand.

• Small Hammer/ Rubber mallet: to tap in any signage.
• Bug spray – you’re going to be outside, and every wedding has uninvited guests show up
• Suntan lotion – you outdoor wedding is not the place to have your guest work on their tan
• First aid kit – stuff happens
• Flashlights –
• Shoe Inserts for groomsmen and bridesmaids – high heel insoles with arch shaping to keep pressure off of the wedding parties feet
• Paper towels/ hankies – someone may sweat on feel the need to sneeze
• Shout Wipes – once again stuff does happen
• Amenities: travel size mouthwash, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. We can ensure you; bad breath is never a good thing
• Painters tarp/plastic sheeting: Having something that can protect certain flower arrangements a walking area or seating is a good idea.

7. Choosing a time of day for your event that is appropriate for the season

For instance, in the heat of the summer having an evening wedding after 6 PM will make your event more comfortable and enjoyable. Whereas, an early spring or fall wedding an earlier hour would be appropriate. This is an important consideration as the sun sets earlier and the temperature drops.

8. Put your wedding program on a fan

outdoor-wedding-venue-fans-basketIt is a great idea – you’re caring for your guest and hey the fan is a program. What else can your guests ask for?

9. Work with an Outdoor Weddings events team that wants to work with you!

The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain located in North GA., (approximately 30 minutes from Chattanooga, TN.) offers a wonderful location, with unique and scenic backdrops to host your wedding.

We understand that this is one of the most important occasions in your life. We will listen intently to your desires and work with you to carefully select amenities to accommodate the size and style of the wedding you choose. Whether yours is a large celebration or an intimate gathering of friends and family, we will help you bring your dream day to life.

Our professional wedding team will ensure your day is perfect for your outdoor wedding. Our job is to handle all of the details; your job is to have the day of a lifetime.


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