A Romantic Outdoor Wedding in Georgia

For those couples who are engaged and planning a wedding, Georgia is a state of awe-inspiring natural beauty. The backdrop of Georgia’s natural wonders makes this area an excellent choice to hold your outdoor wedding.

Your engagement and your marriage are remarkable experiences, once in a lifetime.  Hosting a romantic outdoor wedding in Georgia offers the visual grandeur of resplendent mountains and flawless scenic beauty of the great outdoors and can make for the beginnings of enduring memories. A wonderfully appealing aspect of an outdoor wedding in Georgia is that the average temperature is 72°. Now, Georgia does get some very high temperatures in the summer. However, you may be able to host your wedding at a later hour as the weather cools.


Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.
— Barnell L. Brickner

Here at The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain, we specialize in outdoor events. We shine when it comes to helping plan and host your outdoor wedding in Georgia.

Here are some reasons brides, grooms, their family, and guests have enjoyed exchanging vows at The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain.

(1) We never make you rush. Many venues require your wedding to begin and end within a very tight schedule. We are sure you will agree you want this day to be a stress-free as possible. Here at The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain, you are welcome to relax. Your package price will include a generous amount of time. Enough time for the bridal party to have their hair and makeup done on site. Ample time for the groomsmen to ensure they are looking their best. Even enough time for them to have their shoes shined.

When you come to The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain, we want you to have the feeling you are with the family. We want our brides, grooms, their family and friends to enjoy this day to the fullest. So, you will have time to breathe, inhale and exhale. But you won’t feel as if someone is breathing down your neck.

(2) The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain is a beautiful one-of-a-kind property located west of LaFayette, Georgia in Walker County, on the Cumberland Plateau. Our sophisticated southern charm and elegance have helped us become one of the best places for an outdoor wedding in Georgia.

So why consider The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain for your outdoor wedding? We have had the privilege of hosting many weddings, and we love taking pride in our beautiful brides. We have we know women often have their dream wedding day mapped out. They may have dreamt about it since being a little girl. Some dream of a very chic wedding, where there are hundreds of guest there to celebrate this day. Then other brides opt for a simpler wedding, the one where only the closest family and friends are there to share in the event.

Simply stated, we are confident your wedding regardless of the size, at The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain, will be unforgettable. Just call us for a tour and see for yourself.

(3) Your outdoor wedding will be beautiful. Words have been used to describe The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain such as; majestic and scenic, and those are apt terms. The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain offers the opportunity to paint a beautiful and memorable wedding picture. Our outdoor venue is a fantastic way to connect with nature. The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain is an outstanding choice for couples who want to enjoy an unforgettable event.

You can have your vows on the steps of our Manor, in our Gazebo or the lush green pasture all with the rolling hills, majestic trees, beautiful foliage, and mountain-scape as your backdrop.

The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain abounds with scenic photo opportunities to create unforgettable bridal portraits.  Please review some of the many here below and on our website.

romantic-outdoor-wedding-sideview romantic-outdoor-wedding-landscape romantic-outdoor-wedding-landscape-view



Your ceremony whether traditional, modern or whatever the theme can be realized at The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain.  Here is the perfect surrounding for both the ceremony and reception. Our staff will happily care for you on this, your special day.

We are excited about having you join us at the perfect place to say, “I do!”

Your Romantic Outdoor Wedding will be memorable, we invite you to schedule your tour today.

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