Outdoor Wedding Venue: Dress it up…Dress it down


asual or Formal, that is the questionAre you looking to host a black tie event? Something laid back? An outdoor wedding reception can be casual, formal or that perfect mixture of the two styles.  Dress it up with fancy linens and a sit down dinner or throw on some plastic table covers and have a barbeque.  Another option is to have an extravagant ceremony, then tell your guest to take off those high heels, give them a pair of flip flops that match your wedding colors and watch them kick back, relax and dance the night away in comfort. Play around with the ideas until you find what suits you best as a couple.

While some venues only allow you to use the white linens, basic lighting and the other “standard” items at the venue if you were to have an outdoor wedding the sky is the limit of your DIY wedding décor possibilities.  Another advantage to an outdoor tent wedding is that you can include your families in the process.  Those wedding planning sessions are a great way for the two families to get to know each other and build those memories.

Since tents can be installed as early as you want you are able to have much more flexibility on the days and times to decorate.  Many venues only offer you the night before or the morning of your big day to decorate which can put extra pressure on a bride and groom does not need.  For example, if you have your tent wedding at your parents’ house you simply need to wake up the morning of your wedding and be at your venue to finish any last minute details.

If any outdoor wedding is in your future, let our wedding consultant help make your wedding a memorable and enjoyable event for you and your guests.  Pigeon Mountain Plantation is an excellent choice as an outdoor wedding venue.  Please schedule your tour and pre-planning session today.

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