Outdoor Wedding Venue: Your Outdoor Wedding Planning Guide

There’s something special about an outdoor wedding. The natural landscape, rolling pastures or a mountainside adds to the majesty of your special day.

The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain team has been involved in enough weddings to know that every bride is different. It’s your day, and we want you to be stress-free and loving every moment. For us, this means from the moment that you become engaged, we want to be involved so you don’t have to worry!

Here are a few tips to consider when you plan your outdoor wedding at The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain.


You Don’t Have to Buy Everything

We give you a blank canvas, you’ll probably need some extra things to finish your look. Whatever your imagination comes up with, we can help you find it (probably) there are tons of rental options available — textured curtains and tiebacks, funky chandeliers and colorful cushions. Decide what elements are most important to you, your family and other guest, then figure out how to fit the items at the top of your list into your budget.

Pitching a tent

Your guest will appreciate that you did not leaving them ‘basking’ in the sun during your reception. We can help find local vendors can provide a tent/tents, which will ensure your family and friends are all well covered. We can also add floor surfaces to help your guest dance the night away.

The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain offers an immense amount of sprawling landscape – you are invited to make the area even more inviting with your own lounge furniture and lots of pillows.

Express Yourself
Tailor your day, have fun and decorate! Drape fabric from the tent’s ceiling to soften the space or to create sectioned off “rooms.” Make it cozy – the more of your personality you bring into The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain, the warmer it will feel. From colored linens, to specialized lighting and quirky knickknacks from your childhood, all of this can set a great personal feeling that will never be forgotten by your guest.


Not sure where to start? Are you too overwhelmed to even enjoy being engaged? If so, this The Plantation at Pigeon Mountain was built with you in mind!

Call Michelle, our coordinator and she’s ready to help.



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